Company: Delegates Inc       Position: Facilities Director

First Name: Trevor
Last Name: Trevian
Instant messenger: confidential
Preffered method of contact:
Address: confidential
Phone: confidential
E-mail: confidential
Website: http://www.delegatesinc.co.uk
No. of Employees:
- 5000+
Annual turnover:
- 1.6bn+
Personal Budgetary responsibility:
- 25m-50m
What is the main activity of your company? Delegates Inc is the UK's leading outsourcing company. We are at the leading edge of redefining and transforming services to the public.
What are the most important initiatives, key planned investment areas or challenges for the coming fiscal year?

1.  undisclosed
2.  undisclosed
3.  undisclosed
4.  undisclosed
5.  undisclosed
What projects have you focused on in the last 6 months & what are your most important initiatives/key planned investment areas for the coming fiscal year? (approx. 100 words):

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UK regions organisation retains property:
Geographical areas individual responsible for:
Annual FM Spend:
Value of property portfolio: confidential
Industry sector:
Please write a 50-word biography in the third person. You should cover the recent positions you have worked in, your expertise and achievements relevant to this event:

At this event you will have the opportunity to meet with a selection of leading suppliers. What are the top 3 emerging technologies/issues/services that you would be interested in discussing with suppliers at this event?

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2.  confidential
3.  confidential
No. of sites in group: confidential
No. of UK sites: confidential
Decision Maker For: confidential
Functions organisation outsources: confidential
What best describes where you are in the procurement cycle:
Personal Interests: confidential
A little known fact about you: confidential
Which FM solution providers is your company working with: confidential
What areas would like to discuss/learn from in our Workshops and Keynote sessions?

Which further senior FM or Property decision makers or peers should be invited at this event?

Services/Products that you wish to discuss or source at the Event

How much is your company planning to spend on these areas in the next 12-18 months?

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