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Terms and Conditions


"Delegate" -means any individual partnership company or organisation and the employees and agents of each such business, company or organisation contracting with the Organiser to attend the event; means any individual partnership company or organisation and the employees and agents of each such business, company or organisation contracting with the Organiser to attend the event
"Event" -means the event or function on the booking form;
"Organiser" -means Global Business Events Limited (company number 05090065) of Kingsclere Tregarn Road Langstone Newport NP18 2JS;

Delegate agrees to attend and participate in 2 to a maximum of six pre-confirmed one-one executive meetings chosen by the delegate and then scheduled in advance by the Organiser over the duration of the event. In exchange for that commitment, the organiser will provide Delegate with full participation in all Event Programmes, accommodation and event meals provided during the Event. No other costs will be paid or reimbursed by the organiser, including, but not limited to, other meals, airfare, alcohol, phone, fax or other incidental charges, gift shop items, transportation or additional accommodations.

I agree that in the case of cancellation after 6th January 2014 and in the event that my replacement is unable to attend, or if I fail to materially attend any scheduled appointment or meeting I will be liable to pay a cancellation fee to Global Business Events Ltd for £500 (at the discretion of the Events Organiser). Cancellation received within 7 days of the event will be charged at £1000. All cancellations should be made by email or in writing to the Event Organiser, Global Business Events Ltd at the address below.

This cancellation charge is a genuine estimate of loss suffered by the Organisers including but not limited to the administration resulting from late changes to the organisation of the Event and the knock-on effect on other Delegates' and Exhibitors' meeting arrangements.

If a delegate attending the forum is there to sell their company’s products or services, does not keep to their itinerary or does not have the genuine purchasing responsibility that they have indicated on the booking form the organisers reserve the right to charge such delegates the full cost of accommodation, meals and the equivalent cost of being an exhibitor at the Event.

The Delegate attends the Event as a representative of the Company named on the Booking Form. In the event the Delegate is no longer an employee of the said Company, the booking of the Delegate is no longer valid, in which case the terms and conditions relating to the cancellation fee of £500 will apply. This booking maybe transferred to a suitable replacement within the said Company whose acceptance is, however, at the sole discretion of the Organisers. If appropriate, the Organisers may extend a booking form to the Delegate to represent their new Company.

I agree that if I cancel I can substitute an equally qualified and senior colleague from my organisation and he/she will also agree to the above terms and conditions. Global Business Events reserves the right to make changes to the programme, location and/or speakers without prior notice.

Meeting Scheduling: Appointment scheduling will commence approx. 4-6 weeks or less prior to the Event. Global Business Events web based scheduling system will be enabled through a password provided to the Delegates. All Delegates should select 2-6 meetings. Each Delegate should attend all the prescheduled appointments notified to them on their itinerary. These choices will be available to the Delegate until the announced cut off date at which time the scheduling system will self select appointments for Delegate's itinerary based on the original booking. Four weeks or less from the Event, all selections are finalised and any substitutions will not be reflected in Delegate's itinerary. All Delegates will be required to adhere to their specific itinerary provided to them at the event. Global Business Events will of course make every effort to reflect the requests of delegates in scheduling appointments, but reserves the right to set and change priorities given the time availability during the Event. Substitute delegates within 4 weeks or less from the Event will not be able to make additional selections and will be responsible to fulfil the schedule chosen by the Delegate they replaced

The delegate also agrees to participate in any of the workshops, keynotes and other activities confirmed in the above terms. You also agree to prepare to the best of your ability to discuss the issues put forward at the Summit. Delegate confirms that it has requested to allowing Global Business Event to retain Delegate information on Global Business Events companies database to be used by Global Business Events, and passed to selected third parties, to assist in communicating products and services which may be of interest to the Client by letter, phone, fax,(inc. automatic dialling) email or other electronic means.

Details regarding the discussion group workshop programme will be forwarded after receipt of your Booking Confirmation. If you have any queries please call the team at Global Business Events on 01633 225040 or email: leon@globalbusinessevents.co.uk.

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